About Us
Colorado Genetics, Inc. (CGI) based in Loveland, Colorado, is co-owned by Dr. Darrel L.
DeGrofft and Debra L. Rest.  CGI specializes in embryo transfer and reproductive
technologies utilized in the purebred and commercial cattle industries for domestic and
international markets.  Services include ultrasound pregnancy testing, fetal sexing,
importing/exporting embryos and training programs for foreign professionals.

Dr. Darrel L. DeGrofft
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine—Washington State Univ. 1974
Professional organizations include:
International Embryo Transfer Society
Society for Theriogenology and Reproduction
Past President of the American and Canadian Embryo Transfer Association
American Veterinary Medical Association
American Association of Bovine Practitioners

Debra L. Rest
Veterinary and Animal Health Technician—Northern Alberta Institute of Technology 1974
Professional organizations include:
 Associate of the American Embryo Transfer Association
 American Registry of Radiologic Technologists